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Social Media and your Business


Social Media and your Business

With the ever growing social media giants such as Facebook only getting bigger every day, there is a lot of room for small businesses to jump on the social media advertising band wagon. With over 700 million users worldwide and more than half of Australians now on Facebook and people logging in to update their status about what they ate for lunch every five minutes there is certainly a lot of coverage that Facebook gets to the average Australian.

If your business is on Facebook you are already far better off than most small Australian businesses, In conjunction with Twitter, LinkedIn and many other social media applications you can make a long lasting and professional impression to your potential customers about what your business can do.

The good thing about social media is it is easily integrated into websites. The social media giants such as Facebook make it easy to integrate your businesses social media profile with your website so that you have a two pronged approach to bringing in repeat and consistent business.

For more information about social media advertising and integration contact us at FluidFlow Studios and ask us how you can get started on your way.

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