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Disrupt or Die


Disrupt or Die

In a recent article titled “Disrupt or Die” written in the Autumn 2015 Edition of Business Connect Magazine they talk to Dr Peter Wilton who is a global expert in disruptive technologies, the article touches on disruptive technologies and their influence in not just business and networking but many everyday processes and pass times that we are involved in as Australian consumers.

It touches briefly on what Wilton calls “Showdowns” which are the battles and take overs of traditional technologies and the newer disruptive technologies such as “Uber VS Taxis” and “Apple VS Blackberry” he is very much in favour of the newer disruptive technologies that seem to bring the Australian Business and consumer a superior product that is often cheaper and of easier access.

The article gets interesting when it mentions that Australians are among the most stubborn to change their ways.

“I have found Australian managers to be significantly more risk averse than their global counterparts. There are many reasons for this, not the least due to the lower level of competition in many Australian industries” – Dr Peter Wilton

The goal it seems of disruptive technologies in the Australian market is to provide business owners with a more efficient and viable solution for a cheaper price. Here at FluidFlow Studios we are very familiar with a disruptive technology in the Web design industry, we specialise in responsive web design at an affordable price and that works for you and your business.

Responsive web design is a must have in modern businesses arsenal of advertising and networking tools. If you don’t know what responsive web design is or would like to get a responsive website.

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