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FluidFlow Studios and eWAY announce partnership

We are proud to announce our partnership with eWAY and are delighted to bring you a smart and simple payment platform aimed at helping you create more value for your customers. Trusted by more than 26,000 Australian merchants, eWAY is Australia’s leading payment provider. Tens of thousands of merchants all over the world today use eWAY’s safe and frictionless all-in-one solution to drive eCommerce payments. The eWAY platform is jam-packed with features including fraud protection and more, and offers the peace of mind that only tier 1 security, fast settlement and free live support can bring. The secure payment facility is easy to set up, integrate and use and offers a simple, affordable credit card transaction pricing. With eWAY, all customer payment transactions are processed directly from the browser to eWAY’s secure payment gateway, so your customers can make payments without leaving your website – in turn, helping you grow sales and revenue even more. Here are some reasons to choose eWAY: Fast, easy registration with a real person Easy to understand, flat pricing A connected, global ecosystem Enterprise fraud prevention system Your own dedicated success manager Seamless integration One-stop shop for payments To know more about how eWAY can […]

Watermarking on WordPress Websites

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We have seen time and time again, images and written content being stole and reused without the permission of the original creator/owner. It’s not just a legal problem it is also a problem of principle. Nobody likes having their images and written content stolen and some people have resorted to watermarking their images and using JavaScript blockers. At fluidflow studios we are here to tell you that you don’t need to watermark your images, there are other ways of stopping your websites content being stolen that is inexpensive, effective  to implement and can be done in a relatively short period of time so that you can have your site up and running with minimal downtime. Watermarking your images and using cheap JavaScript tricks to stop content theft can cause you problems right through your website. It’s unsightly and annoying and nothing annoys potential clients more than when they can see examples of you or the product you’re selling because there is a giant watermark in the way. Contact us at Fluidflow Studios today to find out more information about how you can protect your websites content without the expensive price tag and cheap gimmicky JavaScript blockers.

SEO DO’s and Don’ts

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When working with Website SEO and keyword tagging a lot of people make simple mistakes that can hurt their sites SEO ranking. There is massive list that could go on for hours of SEO Do’s and Don’ts that a lot of small businesses and website developers that unfortunately fall into the latter category and just can’t seem to work out what they are doing wrong. At Fluidflow Studios we pride ourselves on keeping up with the latest in search engine optimisation practices and tricks. If your website is not ranking well or you just aren’t generating that repeat and consistent business, contact us and we will be more than happy to talk you through the options that are available to you now! or you can visit this article for some basic information about SEO:

Disrupt or Die

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In a recent article titled “Disrupt or Die” written in the Autumn 2015 Edition of Business Connect Magazine they talk to Dr Peter Wilton who is a global expert in disruptive technologies, the article touches on disruptive technologies and their influence in not just business and networking but many everyday processes and pass times that we are involved in as Australian consumers. It touches briefly on what Wilton calls “Showdowns” which are the battles and take overs of traditional technologies and the newer disruptive technologies such as “Uber VS Taxis” and “Apple VS Blackberry” he is very much in favour of the newer disruptive technologies that seem to bring the Australian Business and consumer a superior product that is often cheaper and of easier access. The article gets interesting when it mentions that Australians are among the most stubborn to change their ways. “I have found Australian managers to be significantly more risk averse than their global counterparts. There are many reasons for this, not the least due to the lower level of competition in many Australian industries” – Dr Peter Wilton The goal it seems of disruptive technologies in the Australian market is to provide business owners with a […]

Social Media and your Business

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With the ever growing social media giants such as Facebook only getting bigger every day, there is a lot of room for small businesses to jump on the social media advertising band wagon. With over 700 million users worldwide and more than half of Australians now on Facebook and people logging in to update their status about what they ate for lunch every five minutes there is certainly a lot of coverage that Facebook gets to the average Australian. If your business is on Facebook you are already far better off than most small Australian businesses, In conjunction with Twitter, LinkedIn and many other social media applications you can make a long lasting and professional impression to your potential customers about what your business can do. The good thing about social media is it is easily integrated into websites. The social media giants such as Facebook make it easy to integrate your businesses social media profile with your website so that you have a two pronged approach to bringing in repeat and consistent business. For more information about social media advertising and integration contact us at FluidFlow Studios and ask us how you can get started on your way.

We Went To CeBIT!

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We went to CeBIT. Yesterday Kain and John made an appearance at CeBIT Expo at Sydney Olympic Park. There were some great technologies and ideas unveiled and on show. It was a great experience for all and a good chance to network and talk business with some of the leading minds from all over Australia and some brilliant minds from other countries in the IT industry. Kain and John took a few snaps of some of the cooler things to be seen at CeBIT. Scroll down for a closer look:      

Google is Making Changes!

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GOOGLE IS MAKING CHANGES! Google has recently announced that it will be making changes to the way that it’s search engines index websites starting April 21st. These changes are due to effect many Australian businesses due to the way the new search engine algorithms work. The changes being made include the ability of the search engine to differentiate between a website that is responsive or mobile compatible and give preference when searching to sites that have this option. So what does this mean for you and your business? If you have a responsive or mobile compatible website your search engine rankings will likely take preference post April 21, however businesses that have not invested in a mobile compatible or responsive website will likely see a drop in their search engine ranking and a decrease in business enquires via your website. It’s a simple decision to make for your business now. Get Responsive/mobile compatible or Google will Leave You Behind! If your current website is not mobile friendly… Please click here to Contact Us today! click for original article.